Quantitative EEG “Brain Mapping”


We provide QEEG in association with Q-Metrx & Valley Sleep Center in Burbank, CA

Quantitative EEG assessment records EEG from multiple scalp electrodes, under eyes open, eyes closed, and task conditions. The process is painless, and takes about 90 minutes from start to finish, depending on task conditions you participate in.

Your EEG recording is then compared to a database of thousands of “typical” brains. All QEEG recordings processed by Q-Metrx are inspected to rule out dramatic pathology. ¬†The QEEG produces map that shows how your brain may differ from “typical”, across EEG frequencies (speed, power, and distribution), connectivity patterns, how your brain changes state and performs under task, etc.

At Brain Health Inc, we encourage every client to start with a QEEG and perform another after 20-30 sessions of neurofeedback.

QEEG recording and interpretation may also be performed for other neurofeedback practitioners or at the request of your medical professional.

What to expect when you have your QEEG recorded:

  • The night before or morning of your QEEG recording, wash your hair twice and rinse very well. AVOID CONDITIONER and shampoos with conditioner or “creme” rinse. The waxes in those products make it very hard to get a good EEG signal.
  • Your hair will get a bit goopy, as we will be pasting (24) little metal electrodes onto your scalp, for 15-20 minutes.
  • You will then sit still with eyes open and eyes closed for several minutes, and perform any measurement tasks to be used in the QEEG. It might be boring, but shouldn’t hurt.
  • The electrodes are “passive” and only measuring – we are not “zapping” you!
  • The gel or paste from the electrodes will easily wash out with just water, but you will want to plan for that.
  • PLEASE AVOID CAFFEINE the morning before your QEEG. ¬†Otherwise don’t do anything differently (eating or sleeping habits).
  • Please discuss any medications you are on with us before scheduling your QEEG.
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